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Brightmont Academy

One-to-One Private School in Mendota Heights & Plymouth, MN

Take advantage of the one-to-one instruction that works. Our unique educational approach is based on 24 years of experience helping students in grades K-12 succeed academically. At Brightmont Academy, we identify and support the needs of each student, whether they struggle with depression and/or anxiety, learning disabilities, health issues or other special needs.

Brightmont’s educational model is mastery-based, empowering students to actively engage in their studies at their own pace while being challenged and supported throughout the learning process. We offer a range of programs throughout the year including full-time school, individual courses, tutoring, and skill-building programs. We offer open enrollment so you can start right away.

Brightmont Academy is a fully accredited private school serving students with a one-to-one instructional approach. Our mission is to provide customized one-to-one instruction to help as many students as possible reach their full academic potential and prepare for college and career.

Every day for 22 years, we have seen the positive results of this approach and we are proud to have helped more than 4,000 students find their paths to becoming more confident and successful learners.

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