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With your kindness and understanding I feel like I was catapulted further than I could have ever imagined. From you, I learned how to see the light and faith in not just myself, but everyone. I learned the true value of family and what it means to truly place no judgement. There is also an art to slowing down and choosing the higher road and the longer path. Staying calm and thinking things through and trusting the process. And these are true virtues that can’t be taught by many people.

Natasha A.   Brooklyn Park, MN

Insights expressed by Dwight [during my Intuitive Healing session] resonated with me as truth – helpful and positive confirmation of much that I’ve been feeling and thinking about myself and what I need/want to do in my life…. I could definitely feel warm, loving energy flowing through me. I could see beautiful patterns as you put your hands over me… as if tapping into angelic realms… The insight about me confidently standing on the edge of a precipice – led to a strong/clear image in my head of standing at the edge of a ledge over the gorgeous, massive, multifaceted Grand Canyon – surprisingly I felt safe, free, empowered… The process of interactive dialogue along with energy work feels very holistic and powerful for me. It helped unlock blocks and allow healing to occur simultaneously on all levels.

Jennifer A. Blaine, MN

Dwight! I felt it! (distance Reiki healing session) I was laying there... head pounding and it stopped, My head cleared and I did my breathing and I fell asleep! I slept so good! Dwight you have no idea how wonderful that was! I don't sleep well ever And during the day is almost never. I just had the best nap I think I've ever had in my life! WOW...slept like a baby! Needed it so bad :) Reiki Healing? LOVE it! Thank you Dwight!

M. S. - Cold Spring, MN

Melissa is very intuitive and thoughtful. She guides me through my Breathwork sessions with great care. She has also showed me how to use what I've learned during the sessions in my daily life to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Annette D. Chanhassen, MN

I had 2 sessions with Dwight this past December girlfriend bought them as a birthday gift for me..I'm from Chicago and previously had 3 sessions with another practitioner. the result I had with Dwight was dramatically different and with no comparison way better..i was speaking through the entire 2 sessions which I had not done previously with the other person....I believe this allowed me to work through and process so many deep mental and emotional blockages....there was an immediate emotional, mental and physical shift when I was finished with both sessions..after the second session..i would as most evenings.. try to access with intention the energy..this time.without even focusing on it,. my eyes fluttered just as they would when Dwight gives the session....absolutely amazing, a miracle! i then knew I was totally connected..i tried it sitting, standing..i can do it anywhere, anytime and anyplace.....this is such a gift...I have never experienced energy to this level..i thank you are amazing..your kind, caring, gentle and informative way makes it comfortable to just be.. to just be present and receive and I did way beyond what I would even hope to imagine for myself.

Jackie W. Chicago, IL

BreathWork for me is like a form of meditation or prayer. It’s a way to take yourself away from the rest of the world and focus on yourself and what’s important to you. It pushed me to focus on personal things I was dealing with. Somehow during the sessions these things became clearer to me and I was able to work through them. I left most of my sessions with a sense of peace and clarity. The BW sessions proved to be a great way to decompress from the stresses of everyday life, or help me to mentally prepare for busy weeks at work or just the craziness of life in general.

I think that as a BW coach Dwight does a great job making an individual feel as comfortable as possible with the experience. He is very good at tapping into a person’s angst and really listening to what a person needs most in that moment. He works hard to make the session work for your specific situation, so that you get the best experience possible.

Lori A. Richfield, MN

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