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Know Thyself Healing & Therapy Welcomes New Intern

September 8, 2023

Know Thyself Healing & Therapy has an intern starting!

Elliot Shively is a MSW student at the University of St Thomas, School of Social Work, and will have immediate openings for children (over 10), adolescents and adults in the coming weeks. 

Elliot comes to us with experience working with a variety of populations. Communication and training students who have diverse cognitive abilities, ADHD, and depression are among Elliot’s skill set. Elliot is interested in gaining knowledge and experience working with trauma, grief and loss, attachment work and DBT skills with all populations. Currently Elliot is utilizing a strength-based approach to help others reach their goals, build confidence, increase social engagement and skill building development. 

She looks forward to working with clients of all ages at Know Thyself Healing & Therapy to gain a deeper understanding of mental health, through working directly in a leading clinical therapy setting helping individuals to be the best version of themselves. 

I believe everyone deserves to feel authentically and comfortably happy.” - Elliot 

Know Thyself Healing & Therapy is a trauma informed practice located in Minnetonka that is utilizing evidence based, clinically trained approaches to assisting clients to find healing. Clinicians are trained in Brainspotting, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, EMDR as well as many other clinical therapeutic modalities. Check out our website at for more information or booking a session with Elliot!

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