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Jigsaw Health MagPure Glycinate

Premium Magnesium Capsules, 120 Capsules

Jigsaw Health MagPure Glycinate

Calming Magnesium Supplement: MagPure Glycinate contains a calming form of Magnesium that supports restful sleep; We specifically designed this Magnesium supplement for those who want Magnesium and nothing else

MagPure Glycinate: MagPure Glycinate delivers 50 mg of pure elemental magnesium glycinate per capsule using minimal other ingredients and utilizes the highly bioavailable form, Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate, exclusively from Albion Labs*

Jigsaw MagPure: MagPure Malate Energy Boost and MagPure Glycinate Calming are designed for those who prefer to precisely control their Magnesium dosage to support a variety of functions including increased energy, and better sleep

Quality Statement: We understand that your end goal is to feel better and our products have been designed and formulated to make a noticeable difference; We love our products and believe you will too

It's Fun To Feel Good: Since 2005, Jigsaw Health has been developing and delivering the highest quality nutritional supplements; We are here to help people feel healthy and happy because it's fun to feel good

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