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Conscious Connected Breathing

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Rebirthing Breathwork

Conscious connected breathing (otherwise known as ReBirthing Breathwork) is a breathing technique discovered by Leonard Orr in the mid 1970's that assists you in releasing physical and mental blocks. This breathing technique is a series of gentle connected rhythmic breaths that can be very powerful. You are using the breath to flow energy in your body and mind that is done consciously with purpose and intuition.

As an infant we already know how to breath properly, but after years of various stresses in our lives and traumatic events (both physical and mental) we forget how to breath correctly. Our breathing becomes more shallow which means that more carbon dioxide remains in the system and less oxygen is supplied to our tissues. Even negative thoughts can inhibit our ability to breathe fully. This lack of oxygen can cause our cells to suffocate within our bodies. By learning the benefits of proper breathing, you will not only release our physical and emotional tension, but we will become healthier by releasing trapped toxins in our body. 

As you learn to use connected breathing, you will find that the sessions go through cycles. These cycles are key in allowing the release of blocked and built up energy in our systems. As the session progresses, you may find that you have various sensations that may increase to a peak and then subside. It's important that during a session (typically one to two hours) you allow the completion of these cycles to receive the full benefits for you. You can eliminate up to 70% of toxins through the breath and help to alleviate chronic diseases and accelerate the healing process. As the body becomes cleaner and able to process more efficiently it will also help us to control the quality of our thoughts.

Connected breathing is not hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is over breathing that has the side effect of not allowing the body to eliminate all of the carbon dioxide produced. Various kinds of symptoms (dizzy, tingling, feeling hot or cold, etc) can occur during a breath session but they often pass quickly. Connected breathing provides more oxygen to the body which helps relax.

Perseverance is important in a session that may present blocks or reasons why you should quit. The combination of the body resisting the change in oxygen levels along with the ego not wanting you to release years of suppressed emotions will, at times, result in you wanting to stop the session. Recognizing this clue as resistance is imperative to overcoming the blocks and allowing the healing process to begin and/or continue.

The biggest benefits of conscious connected breathing is the freedom that it gives your mind and the increased health of your body. By committing to a series of 10 sessions you will not only reap the benefits described, but you also teach your body and mind a new way to breath the Divine energy that surrounds us all.

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