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Number Energy from the Angels

PDF document of Angel numbers

Number Energy from the Angels

If you want to know the meaning behind repeating numbers you might see, then take a look at what you angels are telling you.

  • 111 – New Beginnings

  • 222 – Manifestation: Create, attract anything you want. Pay attention to your energy.

  • 333 – Ascended masters are around you for support (your spirit team).

  • 444 – Angels are around, wanting to support you. Ask for their help. Call them in.

  • 555 – Change is coming (not a bad thing).

  • 666 – Pay attention to your thoughts. Especially re-directing negative thoughts.

  • 777 – Positive shift of energy coming (a higher vibration)

  • 888 – Material goods, shift in money, shift in materialism. Clear out to make more room for new. More money is coming in.

  • 999 – End of a cycle. End of relationship, job, or way of doing something. A completion.

  • 000 – Things coming full circle.

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