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Lithe Wellness Solutions

Fitting Real Food - Into Real Life Easily & Affordably.

Food is how we are social.  It is how we mourn, how we greive, celebrate and make memories.  It is a huge part of our social structure.  Making huge changes to your diet can be very isolating and leave you feeling lonely.

Not anymore.  That is how I felt when we were making major life altering, health shifting food and diet changes, so I know exactly how that feels.  This class is just for you, just to take that pain away. We meet together, with other people who need to make food changes too (See?  You aren't alone!), based on what you like, what satisfies you and what works for your life.

One of the ways we can determine what our body wants is by using Muscle Testing.

Muscle testing is a hands on "technology" that obtains critical information about your body's function from the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  Autonomic means the parts and functions of your body that occurs involuntarily, or without you controlling them.  So for example things like blinking, the beat of your heart, your breathing rates, digesting food and keeping your body temperature stable, immune response, hormone regulation and so on and so forth, are all regulated by the ANS.

NOTE: We have attached the Candida Cleanse Kelley created that was super helpful. Click the "Download" button to see this PDF.

Located near Clearwater MN

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