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Gardener of the Soul - Anne Redelfs, MD

I call my business “What the World Needs Now!” because this return to wholeness is what our world needs.

Each of us is like a vast expanse of land. The traumatic world we live in has caused most of us to recoil from aspects of ourselves, the most traumatized parts, and we’ve lost contact with them. Out of all that we are, we cling to but a fragment, a garden patch. The castaway parts of ourselves can become brambly or rocky, like neglected dirt.

As a soul gardener, I alert you to these lost, untended parts of you and assist you in meeting their needs, which include their need to return to wholeness and maximum productivity. Through over thirty years of soul listening, I’ve learned that the root cause of nearly every problem we suffer from is incomplete psychological development. The good news is that we can solve this problem. Like gardening, it takes time and effort, and it requires the willingness to follow a master gardener—your very own soul.

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