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Know Thyself Welcomes New Therapists

December 14, 2023

We are excited to be adding more clinicians to our team!

The following clinicians have joined our team at Know Thyself Healing & Therapy in the past couple months. We are so very excited to have them working with us and sharing their skills and passion for helping their clients.

Cathy Rupnow, LMFT: is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private faith based practice. In her profile she shares, "I am a Master Accelerated Resolution Therapy Clinician. I have personally experienced trauma and depression in my life, so I know how hopeless it can feel. However, I do know that no matter how difficult a time you’re going through I believe there is always hope and potential for a better life." Click Her to See Cathy's Profile and To Book a Session.

Sarah Stout, MSW, LGSW: As a dedicated pre-licensed therapist with a profound commitment to enhancing mental well-being, she specializes in addressing depression, anxiety, and grief among the adult population. Her professional journey is marked by impactful work focused on support systems and positive therapeutic interventions which alleviate anxiety and guilt. Her work has resulted in significantly improving her client’s overall mental health. She is also particularly interested in working with individuals and families that may be impacted by the diagnosis of dementia. Click Here to See Sarah's Profile and To Book a Session.

Miranda Barker, BA - Pre-Licensed Intern: Miranda is passionate about the importance of self-exploration and self-love. As a highly sensitive person, she has learned to embrace what often felt like a life-long barrier. She now sees the strength and worthiness of her sensitivity and believes everyone has the potential to nourish their inner power. Providing an environment filled with acceptance, compassion, and trust is essential in her work as a therapist. Her experience includes financial trauma, positive parenting, and training in several treatment approaches and modalities. Click Here to See Miranda's Profile and To Book a Session.

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