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Let's Talk About It

Let's Talk About It: A Guide for Talking to Children After a Suicide of a Loved One

Let's Talk About It

This book gives adults the words to talk to kids after the death of a loved one by suicide.

Talking about mental health with your child and supporting their feelings after losing a loved one to suicide is important. For a long time, many people in society have avoided talking about suicide. Unfortunately, not talking about it doesn’t make it go away. Many people struggle to find the right words for this conversation, and so, this book was created as a resource to help guide the conversation. Honest and simple explanations help children make sense of what has happened. Supportive phrases and suggestions in this book can help children find coping skills, people to talk to, and words to describe their feelings.

After reviewing the information and tips on the first pages, an adult can read the remainder of the book with the child. The words and illustrations make it appropriate for most situations, no matter the family dynamics, race, culture, or relationship to the deceased.

This book gives families the words to use after loss. It can be used as a tool in therapy or with grief groups.

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