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Growing up in Adoption

Growing up in Adoption: Stories from an Indian Perspective

Growing up in Adoption

What does it take to keep a family together; a family completed through adoption? Love, patience, compassion, understanding—a little of everything maybe.

The book elucidates real-life adoption experiences through the voices of adoptive families and adult adoptees as they share their moments of joy, sadness, challenges, pain, fulfilment and much more.

It touches upon grief and loss and the stark realities of adoption. Adoptive parents share their experiences of how they let their adopted children know that they were adopted and how they handled “root search” which are crucial issues when it comes to understanding adoption. Also included are candid accounts from adult adoptees on ‘Growing up in Adoption’.

By providing glimpses of the world of adoption, the author aims to aid prospective and current adopting individuals to understand the thought process of adoptive children and be better prepared as parents. Are you looking to adopt? Don’t forget to take a look at the questionnaire to test your readiness for adoption. #adoptionmakesafamily

“This book is a welcome contribution to the small body of literature on adoption in India.”

– Dr. Shalini Bharat, Director and Vice-Chancellor of Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

“This book has a mission not just to educate but it will be a support through your pilgrimage as a parent.”

– Dr. Aloma Lobo, Adoptive Parent and former Chairperson of the Central Adoption Resource Authority and the Adoption Coordinating Agency, Karnataka.

Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra works towards making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families since 1979.

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