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Intuitive Interactive Healing

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Interactive Healing

Intuitive healing is something I've been working on for some time now. I've been able to help so many people with the other work I do, but something wonderful has been emerging and I am now sharing this fully with others.

Most of the healing modalities that I've practiced and witnessed have been fairly one-sided when it comes to the client. Typically I've been working with the client and they have simply relaxed on the table, taking in whatever experience is best for them. In the same manner, I've also been having my own experience during the session which most times is directly related to and about the client. After the session was complete, we would do our best to relate the experience to each other in order to bring clarity and to learn something about the experience. The problem with this method is it's hard to remember everything and sometime kind of frustrating when we know it was relevent and very important! This was how it went at times and I didn't feel as if it was enough. I wanted more from the session and I wanted my clients to get more from the session too. This all changed in a big way!

What I stumbled upon was having an interactive healing session with my client while I was working with their spiritual, physical and energetic Beings. I found myself being able to slip into a kind of channel state where I would communicate with the client at various points in the session giving insight and suggestions where needed. But moreover, allowing the client to speak and move on the table in a way that would allow them to fully experience and implement their own healing.

The feedback that I've been getting from my clients have been overwhelmingly positive and I feel as if an massive amount of energy moves during the session that I'm not sure I've felt before. Allowing the interaction makes the experience grow exponentially in relation to the amount of "allowing" that the client wants. The more releasing and vulnerable the client allows themselves to be, the more they get out of the session and the more healing that is gained.

I highly recommend that if you are new to healing work and not sure what you want to do, please try an initial session of Intuitive & Interactive Healing.

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