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Human Design Affiliate

Human Design Made Clear & Simple for
The Modern Truth Seeker

Each of us has our deep passions

Now that you have spent time with your Human Design report, you might want to know even more about your specific Human Design. Just knowing the basics of Human Design might be all you want to know. But if you're really excited to dive deeper, I have partnered with a professional Human Design practitioner who can take you even further!  The cool part is that the partnership with me gives you a discount on any service you decide to book with them.

The discount code you will use for your service with this affiliate is "DWIGHTREFERRAL". Below are the steps you will go through to book a session and enter in your discount code.

After you get to the affiliate site, you will choose the type of appointment you want. Then you will enter in "Your Info". This is where you will be adding the discount code. See the images below for an example

  • At the bottom of the "Your Info" page, you will need to check the "Terms" checkbox.

  • Then, in the "Redeem Coupon, Package, or Gift Certificate", you will enter the code, "DWIGHTREFERRAL". See image below for an example.

KA_Step_Two Edit.png
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