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MSW Intern Field Placement Information

This position is for Masters of Social Work level students who are looking for field placement opportunities to satisfy their degree requirements.

MSW Intern Field Placement Information
Minnetonka, MN

Know Thyself Healing & Therapy - Intern Placement


Know Thyself Healing and Therapy believes all clients hold the key to their own success and can be guided to that end in a safe, trusting, honest environment. Building relationships and skills for growth, understanding and healing are among our goals in therapy. We connect with our own personal journeys through life’s challenges to connect with clients at a deeper level. We believe this allows us to not only empathize with our clients, but also partner with them on their specific healing journey. We believe the keys essential to reaching any goal lies within each of us believing in ourselves and knowing that someone also believes in us.​ We have experience working with emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, selective mutism, trauma, oppositional behaviors, family change, loss and grief, parenting skills, adoption issues, spiritual awakening, sexual abuse, and domestic violence group work. We are a trauma informed agency who utilizes EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy as well as Brainspotting. We also teach adults and children how to take control of their lives in mind, body, and spirit to navigate a stressful world.

Our Mission

Know Thyself Healing & Therapy’s mission is to walk alongside our clients, to support them in their healing journey and guide them toward learning to truly know themselves. 


Our Vision

Know Thyself Healing & Therapy’s vision is to create a supportive community for our clinicians and practitioners which enables them to grow and thrive. This community is empowered to provide excellent care and solutions that give the best outcomes to our clients. This community also extends out into the community as we collaborate with other individuals,  healthcare professionals and organizations devoted to compassionate support of those in need.

Our Values

  • Truth

Truth is the basis for any healthy relationship. We strive to communicate from a place of truth and create strong, enduring connections that bring our clients toward healing and knowing themselves fully.

  • Compassion

Compassion enables us to empathize with our clients and community, and to see them as ourselves. What we do unto others, we also do unto ourselves. Compassion reminds us that we all heal together when this simple precept is followed.

  • Empowerment

Empowerment is about giving, teaching, supporting and loving. Empowerment is our guide, reminding us that what we do is in service of others.

  • Acceptance

Acceptance is a process that has positive outcomes around growth and connection. It is a place of power and thoughtful action. Accepting others for where they are, for doing the best they can, is a crucial step toward opening up to the help that can be given.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration reminds us that we need one another. Living is meant to be shared as we all have unique perspectives, talents and needs. We are meant to embolden one another on our journey in this life.

  • Transparency

Transparency reveals the truth, holding us accountable for our actions and reminding us to do better each and every day.

Learning Opportunities

This is for MSW graduate school social work intern students who need to complete field placement hours as part of their program. Interns will primarily work in-office but will have access to a remote/telehealth option when needed.

Interns will provide care at our Minnetonka, MN office location primarily. We believe in-person therapy is critical for all interns to create a solid understanding of the nuanced relationship with clients. You will also have the option to work remotely as you progress through your training and guidance from your supervisor.

Each intern should maintain a caseload of at least 10 individual clients from diverse populations and ages (e.g. Ages 7 - 84, Gender Fluid, Cultural considerations, Ageism, Special populations including first responders and other trauma experienced from work environment, etc).  Interns will participate in weekly case consultation meetings with other clinical therapists.  Interns will also have weekly consultations with the field placement supervisor as needed. Interns will be assigned at least one special project based on a learning objective mutually agreed upon between intern and supervisor. (starting a specialized group, learning a new therapy modality, writing educational articles, etc.)

Interns can choose to work flexible hours once the initial orientation has been completed with the field supervisor. This includes weekdays, evenings and weekends if needed. You will have access to your field and/or task supervisor via phone or video conference as well as in person during the supervisor's normal office hours.

Student qualities desired for effective work in this program

Strong diagnostic and clinical skills. Willingness and curiosity to learn about any necessary modality that will best suit the needs of the client. High empathy and desire to work with clients of all ages [to better inform themselves of the needs expressed from the experience of age]. Great client and team engagement skills. Flexibility, desire, and resilience to learn how to utilize technology required [SimplePractice utilized for medical records] for client intakes, diagnostic assessment, treatment plans, ongoing progress reporting, and necessary billing and insurance processing.

Primary classification of services

Private Practice Mental Health - Trauma Informed

Additional placement details

  • Are supervised evening hours required or available?  No

  • Are supervised weekend hours required or available?  No

  • Is a car required?  No

  • Is a background check required?  Yes

  • Is a specific orientation training required?  Yes

  • Background Check: We will provide the necessary information to complete this prior to being accepted.

  • Stipend / Service Payments: If allowed by the intern’s school, we may offer a one-time stipend per term or percentage of collections for intern’s direct client therapy sessions. If payments are allowed it will be required for the intern to provide KTHT with a completed W-9 form for tax reporting purposes for payments made.

  • Other Requirements: We will require a weekly health/self-care check-in with the field supervisor to assure that the Intern is managing the work/life balance to ensure the best experience possible for them. We also feel it is an imperative in order to assure they are fit for assisting clients and that our client's experience and needs are fully being met by the Intern.


Contact Information for Know Thyself Healing & Therapy

Melissa Raatz - MSW, LICSW, CCTP, CHt

Independent Clinical Social Worker

Office: (952) 222-7936

Direct: (763) 242-3261

Fax: ‭(866) 318-3073‬

Rebecca Tveten - MSW, LGSW, CCTP, CCTSS

Licensed Graduate Social Worker 

Direct: (651) 252-8001 

Fax: (866) 318-3073


Dwight Raatz

Practice Manager

Office: (952) 222-7936

Fax: ‭(866) 318-3073‬


10505 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 203

Minnetonka MN 55305

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