- Beyond Domestic Abuse -

A Support Group for Female Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Maltreatment

5:30pm - 7pm Every Tuesday

Starting - May 10, 2022

13 Week Program

Co-Facilitated by

Rebecca Tveten MSW, LGSW

Melissa Raatz MSW, LICSW

Virtual & In-person 

Topics Include

The Common Effects of Domestic Abuse,

Developing Healthy Coping Skills,  

Creating Healthy Relationships,

Myths & Realties of Domestic Abuse, 

Trust and Safety 


Reduces feelings of loneliness & Isolation,

Reduction of stress, depression, anxiety or fatigue,

Helps in gaining feelings of empowerment, control and hope

For more information please contact us for a free consultation: 

Rebeeca at (651) 252-8001

Melissa at (763) 242-3261

In person option Location:

10505 Wayzata Blvd Suite 203-3 Minnetonka, MN 55305


Weekly Topics

Week 1

Topics: Group Rules, Introductions, Understanding Trauma & Common Mental Health Disorders
Handout: DSM and Definitions
Assignment: What are my symptoms?
Goals: To educate and increase awareness

Week 2

Topics: You're not alone: DV Myths / Cycle of Abuse.
Handout: Myth and Cycle Handout
Assignment: My myths
Goals: Reduce feelings of isolation and shame

Week 3

Topic: Triggers, Avoidance & Coping Skills
Handout: Triggers and coping skills
Assignment: My coping skills
Goals: Promote healing vs avoidance

Week 4

Topic: Power and Control / Cycle of Abuse
Handout: Wheel
Assignment: Journal activity
Goals: To educate and normalize

Week 5

Topic: Managing Fear & Fear Sources
Handout: Fear Sources
Assignment: Safety sources and plans
Goals: To empower

Week 6

Topic: Red Flags / Risk Factors & Protective Factors
Handout: Types and warning signs
Assignment: My culture
Goals: Preventative skills and self-awareness

Week 7

Topic: Silence, Shame, and Compassion
Handout: Role of shame
Assignment: My support system
Goals: Breaking the Cycle

Week 8

Topic: Healthy Boundaries
Handout: Crossing the line
Assignment: My boundaries
Goals: Balance of self and others

Week 9

Topic: Communication Styles
Handout: Types of styles
Assignment: Assertive and passive talk
Goals: Connection with others

Week 10

Topic: Cognitive Distortions
Handout: 10 common thought processes
Assignment: My patterns
Goals: Reduction of trauma symptoms

Week 11

Topic: Trust and Safety
Handout: Healing poem
Assignment: Trust spectrum
Goals: To find peace

Week 12

Topic: Empowerment
Handout: Post traumatic growth
Assignment: What will I do?
Goals: Meaning making and purpose

Week 13

Topic: Graduation
Handout: Identifying rock or quote
Goals: Final - Ongoing support, resources and referrals